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Flirting on the Internet: Does it Count?

Such a sticky subject when it comes to matters of the heart in love…does flirting on the internet from your ‘other’ mean they are not interested in you any longer, just ‘keeping’ you around while something else better comes along, maybe bored, or is it just really harmless fun? I have heard from many friends and customers alike who are apparently doing this via discussion boards, personals, match sites, sex sites, etc, even though they are either married or ‘attached’. I have certainly had my share of those very same guys posing as...

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The Internet Dating Merry-Go-Round

I know I can’t be alone in this jungle out there called Internet Dating…it can be such a wonderful thing to be able to ‘eyeball’ people without an eyeball looking back, and not worrying about hurting their feelings. And you can literally ‘eyeball’ someone across town or across the country. Such a good thing, right? Err…sometimes. More often than not, the ‘meet and greet’ is disappointing to at least one of the parties. You’d be surprised to see how some stretch the truth on certain things, like my “Mr Age 61 on his E-Harmony...

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