Madame X

The Shelf Life of your Night Stand

Ever catch yourself rummaging through one of your drawers in your night stand frantically searching for that ‘something’ in the heat of passion with your lover? I did just that just the other day and instead of that new bottle of massage oil I just bought I came up with broken pen, a Bellagio matchbook, piece of gum stuck to a lube sampler and too countless half working vibrators. Doesn’t exactly enhance the heat of the moment, does it?Well, this morning, I started digging back into the drawer and just couldn’t believe how much I had accumulated over the years. Some...

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Is that Lust in the Air?

Or maybe it just pheromones, or what some refer to as ‘chemistry’. Pheromones are defined as hormonal secretions that stimulate a physiological or behavioral response from individuals of the same species. Not long ago, science isolated a human sex pheromone; this is pretty exciting news, as once isolated and recreated, perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac truly exists. You know, way back in the old days, people didn’t wash off most of their pheromones like we do today. Our modern day customs of daily showering, daily bathing, washes away all those lovely pheromones! So, here’s...

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