The Shelf Life of your Night Stand

Ever catch yourself rummaging through one of your drawers in your night stand frantically searching for that ‘something’ in the heat of passion with your lover?

Your night stand toys and lubes have a shelf life!

Your night stand toys and lubes have a shelf life!

I did just that just the other day and instead of that new bottle of massage oil I just bought I came up with broken pen, a Bellagio matchbook, piece of gum stuck to a lube sampler and too countless half working vibrators. Doesn’t exactly enhance the heat of the moment, does it?Well, this morning, I started digging back into the drawer and just couldn’t believe how much I had accumulated over the years. Some of the stuff was in there?  Half empty foil samplers, lube tubes, chocolate body something or other, and parts of vibrators and sex toys. (I swear some were still moving, and what was I thinking when I bought that huge thing home???) Oh. And LOTS of dead batteries.

Well, this is probably a good time to throw out some of that other stuff I don’t really like or use.

And oops! I forgot! There is a shelf life to lubes and toys! Just like mascara and other cosmetics, once opened and exposed to the air, they should be thrown away after a few months. Exposure to air, contamination with anything can lead to bacterial growth etc. It’s the same thing with lubes and other sexy lotions or creams.

The same goes with toys and vibrators, especially if they are made of porous materials. They should be washed with antibacterial soap and water (or toy cleaner) after each use. But sometimes they can just pick up dust, dirt, cracker crumbs or anything else that’s been floating around in and about them and it can seep into the surface.  Besides, new toys every now and then are more fun anyhow!

So, I made a clean sweep and made room for even MORE goodies, and most importantly, FRESH lube.

So when was the last time you cleaned out your nightstand?

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P.S. In case you get motivated and clean out your night stand, I really do recommend Nearly Me all natural lubricant, by Madame X. It was especially formulated for women, and only has 3 ingredients in it, one of them being carrageenan. Carrageenan fights off bacteria, germs and in-vitro the HPV virus. Nearly Me is the only one I will carry in my sex toy party line. It is the best!!!!


  1. So how long is a vibrator good for?
    and how do you dispose it? Just put it in the regular garbage?

    • Hi Maureen, the shelf life of a vibrator depends on the material it’s made of, plus how we’ll it’s been taken care of. Toys that are made from silicone practically out live you, unless you use silicone lube with it (always use water based lube with an all silicone toy) Toys with a porous exteriors like jellies need to be routinely cleaned with soap and antibacterials. If you can’t part with it and its been a while, slip a condom over it to extend its safe use. And yes, you can just throw them away I believe in recycling, but I don’t think you want to run the risk of your recycling company checking it out at your curbside 😉