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The Scent of This Woman

The Place: Playa del Carmen, Mexico When: Last night, the sun just starting to set, and it was still 90 degrees. Now The Story:I was taking a stroll, shopping for souvenirs in a most eclectic downtown area I have ever been in. There were hundreds of vendors and little interesting shops, a tourist’s paradise really! But, I was starting to perspire heavily and was looking for a reprieve—alas! Practically every shop had no air conditioning, at best a floor fan to keep the air circulating. I was able to find a single safe haven, “La Perfumeria”, and that’s where my rather Roman nose...

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I "Intend" To Passion

Another sleepless night at the Ponderosa last week lead me to watch a rather enlightening lecture with Dr Wayne Dyer. He talked about the power of “intention”, and if we are aware of what we intend, we can attract more of what we need and want in our life. It all sounds so simplistic at first blush, just another version of “The Secret”, or “Power of Positive Thinking” get-you-motivated-and-happy-for-the-moment kind of stuff. But…This time, somehow his words about “Intending” must have burned a new circuit in my brain. All of a sudden, I...

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Passion is Like Stereo Wire

I have some huge speakers in my living room that suddenly stopped working last week. Since I don’t have a man with a toolbelt in my life, I forced myself to take a close look and see if it was something I could fix. I noticed that one of the big wires wrapped around one of the ports was frayed and dangling loose. Bingo. I bravely snipped the frayed end off, cut down the plastic tubing to expose open wire, and twisted it around the port. Dang! It worked! Twisting anything, of any sort, always reminds me a sex, but since was sex was already on my mind, the big fat wires seemed to congel...

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