I "Intend" To Passion

Another sleepless night at the Ponderosa last week lead me to watch a rather enlightening lecture with Dr Wayne Dyer. He talked about the power of “intention”, and if we are aware of what we intend, we can attract more of what we need and want in our life. It all sounds so simplistic at first blush, just another version of “The Secret”, or “Power of Positive Thinking” get-you-motivated-and-happy-for-the-moment kind of stuff.

This time, somehow his words about “Intending” must have burned a new circuit in my brain. All of a sudden, I am seeing how ‘intention’ works in just about everything we do, say, hear or feel. Have you ever gone out on a date and know in your heart “I know I am going to have fun tonight?”, and boy, you do? Even the bad service from the waitress in the restaurant, undercooked food, or your date who had to make a pit stop in the bathroom to comb over his hair could not ruin the pleasure and fun of the moment. And it is all because you decided or ‘intended’ to have a great evening. And by the way, I have been on countless ‘meet and greet’ Internet dates where I could have easily gone to the dark side (“Oh, I see, that picture of you was taken 10 years ago?”) Nevertheless, I ‘intended’ to feel and be wonderful no matter who showed up at the other side of my table.

And over the past few days of observing how intention affects all areas of our lives, I am starting to see how that power works with intimacy, what guides us in choices, and how things usually manifest the way we intend them to, even when we don’t realize that is what we’re doing. Some observations and for instances:

—Being hurt or upset with a lover and/or mate about something, and ‘intending’ to have it out. Well, you’ve scripted it, and you will.
—Deciding to wear a black bra, and matching panties, getting a pedicure, wearing lipstick—all because it makes you feel sexy…and you will.
—Looking for a solution and then one magically falls into you lap…you looked. It found you

One of the intentions I heard from one of my Sales Reps recently really made my day. I asked her how her sales were recently and she said, “Counting the next 3 weeks, terrific!” I wish I had a thousand like her—wait, no. I INTEND to have a thousand like her.

So, dear universe, let me make it perfectly clear….
I Intend Love,
I Intend Passion,
Let it eek from my every pore
………………..til breath no more!


Rina Valan, EzineArticles.com Expert Author

Rina Valan, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

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  1. I certainly agree that everything in life needs purpose and if you intend for goodness to come your way, no matter what shape or form, it will.