The Scent of This Woman

The Place: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

When: Last night, the sun just starting to set, and it was still 90 degrees.

Now The Story:
I was taking a stroll, shopping for souvenirs in a most eclectic downtown area I have ever been in. There were hundreds of vendors and little interesting shops, a tourist’s paradise really! But, I was starting to perspire heavily and was looking for a reprieve—alas! Practically every shop had no air conditioning, at best a floor fan to keep the air circulating. I was able to find a single safe haven, “La Perfumeria”, and that’s where my rather Roman nose came alive.

You see, I’ve worn Liz Taylor’s “White Diamonds for so long, I can’t even remember wearing anything else. As part of my daily primping routine, I usually dab some on here and there, and it has sort has become something people associate with me. Lately, I’ve been leaving it out of my ritual…it just doesn’t feel right anymore. I think my nose wants a divorce! Oh, there were lots of perfume clerks that flirted a newbie now and then, but my nose always replies “Just say no”…
I obviously have a monogamous nose.

But as soon as I walked in, like a beacon, something drew me straight to the rear of the store. Without regard to a brand, name or shape, I picked the tester that called out to me, and put it under my nose. I took a deep whiff…and sighed deeply.

Then, my eyes closed, my head fell back against the display, my body felt like it was floating, I lost track of where I was—Aye cucaracha! I think I got high!

My nose…was in love.

But, wait a minute! I don’t believe in falling in love on the first smell! So, I went and tried six or seven contenders, one right after the other, rejected with each whiff. “OK”, I’m saying to myself, “this is just like meeting a new someone, hopefully your next life lover—they either take your breath away, or, you wonder how quickly you can run outside and shake the scent off you. No, no, no…this is the One.”

So, I’m thinking this puts passion into a new perspective for me. It isn’t really something that you can just conjure up, i.e. ‘fake it’…your body always gives it away.
And if you don’t feel passion or have any for anyone, or anything, you probably don’t know that, so you don’t miss it. And, maybe that’s a good thing in some instances. But I don’t know about you, I sure would hate to live life without feeling true passion! Something either moves you, and your mind and body responds—or, it is just another feeling, or another job, or another interest, another day, or another song, or another kiss, another lover…

Follow your nose! Follow your passion!

Miss Sensuale’

P.S. One of my inner most passions: to help create passion, along with all my friends at Fantasia Home Parties , who purposely live theirs.