Passion is Like Stereo Wire

I have some huge speakers in my living room that suddenly stopped working last week. Since I don’t have a man with a toolbelt in my life, I forced myself to take a close look and see if it was something I could fix.

I noticed that one of the big wires wrapped around one of the ports was frayed and dangling loose. Bingo. I bravely snipped the frayed end off, cut down the plastic tubing to expose open wire, and twisted it around the port. Dang! It worked!

Twisting anything, of any sort, always reminds me a sex, but since was sex was already on my mind, the big fat wires seemed to congel a theory I’ve been working on. What would happen if I attached those big fat wires coming from my 200 watt receiver, to little, bitty speakers? Hmmm…they would probably blow out, and not because they are bad speakers! I’m sure it just would be too much power for their dimunitive size.

I think my passion is like those big fat wires.
Sometimes, I just think it’s too much for some to handle. I can’t stand holding anything back, especially when it comes to intimacy, romance, love, lust, enthusiam, joy. If something feels really good while we’re together, I want to show and tell you about it, moan, groan, write poetry about it, lull you to sleep with my sing voice, kiss every little inch—I would paint joy in the sky if I could! And truth be told, it’s never been a problem (wait, I forgot about husband number one.

However, of recent time, I think I have been making a wrong assumption about a beau. Maybe his lack of outwardly romance and words of affection, of being able to be ‘lost in space’ during intimacy, isn’t really about a lack of interest at all. Maybe his speakers are too itty bitty for my big wires and 200 amp receiver.

I could live with itty bitty speakers.
I couldn’t live with knowing that he wasn’t that ‘into’ me.
Problem is if it is the latter, how do know before your wires short out your heart?


P.S. Sometimes, it is best to concentrate on other things, like

Rina Valan, Expert Author

Rina Valan, Basic Author


  1. Here’s the hard truth. He’s not that into you.
    You may hate me for having said that but please respect me that I have told you the truth.

    By the way, I just put on my tool belt. It sags a little lower on one hip than the other.
    That’s all I have on and I’ve dressed up like this just for you.

    I have no idea why the heart breaker guy is the one you keep on your mind.
    I guess that’s just what’s so.

    I just started with the oil routine. You know, the one that makes me shimmer from head to toe. Once I start this routine, I can’t sit anywhere… your furniture. I’ll leave marks. It’s probably best we go straight to the bedroom so that all you will have to clean will be the sheets.

    We don’t have to go there yet. I’m still getting dressed. I chose these beat up faded jeans. I purposefully left the top button open to give you a start. It’s kind of like the pull-tab on a chocolate bar. At some point you might want to unwrap it and bring the candy to your lips. Besides, You like that little ball bearing ass in these, don’t you? I thought so.

    Of course, I’m available so you probably don’t want me so badly. I should play hard to get. That’s hard for me since I want to leave you served, satisfied and wanting nothing. It’s my primal drive that makes me want to fulfill your desires and provide for you. Not just in sex and passion. But to make you proud, impressed and feeling safe when you are with me.

    NOT YET! I have to put on this torn-up “T” shirt. Do you know how long it takes to tear out the sleeves and collar to make it look this way? I like the way it shows my arms when I move. My chest doesn’t look so bad either. I know you like that. I know you like to tear that off and tonight I might let you if you are a good girl.

    Ok! Pay me one favor of respect. Remember it’s me. Like, don’t think of him while I do this with you.

    Now, where’s the PLAY button on this boom box?
    God … AUGH! Here it is…
    Watch me dance for you now baby.
    This is for you!

  2. Dear Mr My laughs around internet dating,

    First and foremost, you are no boom box…I am certain your subwoofer alone is the size of a house.

    And second, thank you…your post has affected me deeply. The mental connection along with the physical is so critical…you understand.

  3. It sounds like you need a “Head unit”. Yes a “head unit”. Something that can intake your power, channel it, and turn it into something that his speakers can handle.

  4. Sometimes it’s best to get back to basics…remember the old, wise saying, “Actions speak louder than words!” Seeing truth is so much better than being told about it. Judging from this admirer, the action speaks loud and clear.