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Brain Freeze

I got Brain Freeze walking down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store yesterday. Why? Because nearly a hundred varieties of ice cream called out to me!  I literally froze in my tracks (pun intended!) So what’s the problem? I was incredibly overwhelmed. DOZENS and dozens of varieties and flavors to choose from! And then I got a call on my cell and walked away to continue my conversation. Did I go back and buy ice cream? No. The same thing can happen with your customers at your home parties. They get easily overwhelmed. You ask for a booking and you hear crickets. You assume...

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My Top 5 Party Presentation Tips

1. Listen to something with high energy and upbeat while you’re driving to your party. Stir up that positive karma! Blast a little Lady GaGa! 2. You’re ‘on’ as soon as you walk in the door, no matter how many people are there. Never ‘wait’ to introduce yourself, shake hands, smile or engage people. 3. Choose your demonstration area wisely, but without creating major inconvenience for your hostess.Never have your table in the middle of a room.Best? Stand/demonstrate right in front center of the group. Tip: you may want to carry a small folding table in your...

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The Five Worst Things You Can Do at a Party

As a home party consultant, doing any of these will insure you getting out of business fast:  1. Talk on your cell phone 2. Smoke, chew gum, drink alcohol 3. Eat anything bigger than a donut 4. Complain, whine about: -attendance-driving distance-or anything!  5. Drop the F-Bomb  Got any more you can think of? Let’s hear yours! Share them with us! Post your comment below back on the Home Party Plan Advisor. —Rina...

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