My Top 5 Party Presentation Tips

1. Listen to something with high energy and upbeat while you’re driving to your party. Stir up that positive karma! Blast a little Lady GaGa!

2. You’re ‘on’ as soon as you walk in the door, no matter how many people are there. Never ‘wait’ to introduce yourself, shake hands, smile or engage people.

3. Choose your demonstration area wisely, but without creating major inconvenience for your hostess.
Never have your table in the middle of a room.
Best? Stand/demonstrate right in front center of the group.
Tip: you may want to carry a small folding table in your trunk just in case.

4. Games and ice breakers are important because they help you START the party. As soon as the game is over, roll right into your presentation. Don’t say “We’re going to start the party now…” You already have! Go right into ‘what, when, and the how’s.”

5. Think of yourself as a game show host and game shows would never work without an effective host. They:
-set the ‘rules’
-drive the game
-set the pace
-engage the guests
-are humorous
-ask questions
-explains answers
-call time

Important: there’s a fine balance between being overbearing/bossy versus being confident and fun.

Rina Valan

P. S. Got any other party presentation tips would like to share? Come back to the Daily Juice blog post and comment!