The Five Worst Things You Can Do at a Party

As a home party consultant, doing any of these will insure you getting out of business fast: 
1. Talk on your cell phone
2. Smoke, chew gum, drink alcohol
3. Eat anything bigger than a donut
4. Complain, whine about:
-driving distance
-or anything! 
5. Drop the F-Bomb 
Got any more you can think of? Let’s hear yours! Share them with us!
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Rina Valan



  1. I attended a toy party where the consultant talked CONSTANTLY about her “other” job… The one where men paid her husband to videotape her having sex with them… Ummm, doesn’t that, by definition, make her a hooker??? If she’s getting paid to have sex? She’s not a porn star, no one but the guy paying is seeing this video, so she’s not an “Adult Film Star”, she’s a hooker! Right? Yeah, the whole room was dreadfully uncomfortable all evening!

  2. Jennifer,

    All I can say is that people are sometimes truly clueless. And people are also kind and polite—no one said anything and I am certain she has mistaken that politeness as it ‘being ok’ to broadcast her choices.

    I heard a story once about someone who worked in a government job during the day (IRS or something financial.) We had gotten a customer satisfaction report back saying she continuously talked about how horrible it was, intimates about people financials’ without saying their names, etc.
    So it goes for whatever your day job is—you want to always present yourself in the best professional manner possible (and yep, not THAT kind of professional as you mentioned! LOL!)

  3. I recently did a party where a woman pulled me aside before the party and said that last time they did this they had a different company and the woman was extremely foul mouthed. She was telling very intimate stories about her sexual life and using very offensive terms when talking about body parts. I assured her that I am totally professional and this is a business about romance, just because we sell toys and lotions for the bedroom does not mean that it has to be a dirty thing.