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Tips for Expos and Fairs

Last week some of our Fantasia home party reps got a booth and exhibited at a women’s expo. I attended and spent the afternoon casually observing how attendees behaved at our booth. I also spent a lot of time observing how attendees behaved with other exhibitors! Amazing what you learn and “remember” when you step back and just listen! Things that worked the best: Experiential: people like to poke, prod, touch, taste. Put the product in their hands and let them get excited about it as you give them ideas, features. Draw them into what the experience/outcome would be if...

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Turn the Brew to Woohoo!

  When:    The day after an adult toy party. The Place:    In your hostess’s mind The Issue:  She’s wondering: -What the heck her party sales came out to be? – What credits did she actually get? – Did anyone really book a show? …and all the while wishing she could had paid attention to you instead of being the ultimate hostess and taking care of her friends and guests. The Dilemma: She wonders, worries. And when her party orders do come in she is never really sure if she was treated properly or given what she actually earned…and she brews. And...

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