Turn the Brew to Woohoo!

  The day after an adult toy party.
The Place
  In your hostess’s mind
The Issue
She’s wondering:
-What the heck her party sales came out to be?
– What credits did she actually get?
– Did anyone really book a show?
…and all the while wishing she could had paid attention to you instead of being the ultimate hostess and taking care of her friends and guests.
The Dilemma:
She wonders, worries.
And when her party orders do come in she is never really sure if she was treated properly or given what she actually earned…and she brews. And brews.

All the good will and coaching and relationship building you had done previously goes down the drain!

The Solution: 
 The day after a party, you write her a nice thank-you email AND it includes something like this:

“Oh, and by the way your party sales were BLANK, and that means you received BLANK in  hostess credit. Plus you also chose/received BLANK for WHATEVER. And thank you so much! BLANK friends booked a show with me!”

 Even better to include in your email:

“Don’t worry, I’m going to call and email you as soon as I get notice your products are in or being shipped! That should be in about BLANK days or weeks.”

Trust me on this one. They will love you. And they will tell their friends.

Rina Valan


  1. Good article, the follow up call is just plain good customer service and can make a world of difference for re-scheduling and future orders.

  2. Thanks Deb, we want to keep that hostess for life!