Tips for Expos and Fairs

Last week some of our Fantasia home party reps got a booth and exhibited at a women’s expo.
I attended and spent the afternoon casually observing how attendees behaved at our booth. I also spent a lot of time observing how attendees behaved with other exhibitors! Amazing what you learn and “remember” when you step back and just listen!
Things that worked the best:
Experiential: people like to poke, prod, touch, taste. Put the product in their hands and let them get excited about it as you give them ideas, features. Draw them into what the experience/outcome would be if they were the consumer. Those who worked their booths by drawing in the attendees by putting product literally in their hands were always crowded.
Things that didn’t work:
No samples, or samples that said “I’m display, don’t touch me.” Attendees just walked by, took information that was handed to them to be polite.

Things that worked:
Freebies (samplers, samples, small tastes), little giveaways, gimmicks (advertising specialties like pens, key chains, the best I saw was a jumbo pen), funny things, edible things…SOME thing! What worked especially well? Free drawing entry for a raffle prize. Those booths got the greatest amount of entries (other wise known as leads!)

Things that didn’t work:
Just pictures of product, no catalogs, handing a postcard or sheet of paper, a bunch of single sheets, too little on the table, too much on the table. What didn’t work the most? Standing behind the table, not engaging attendees in conversation, not asking attendees questions or asking something about them.

Bottom line? 
Engage, pull in, draw in, ask question, put product in their hands, get them excited about your product or service FIRST. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a trade show, home party, at a soccer game or PTA meeting.
The rest will follow.
Rina Valan