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4 Deadly words: Can I help you?

When was the last time you tried to buy wallpaper?Ugh. There are thousands of choices, literally! I headed over to Home Depot the other day. When I walked into the wallpaper department, there were rows and rows and rows. A store clerk said: “Can I help you?” I said, “I need wallpaper, but I don’t have the time now” and I walked back out. Yesterday, I walked into a local paint store to look at wallpaper.A store clerk said: “Are you looking for a pattern or more of a texture? Pastel or deeper tones?” Needless to say, I walked out with wallpaper. Moral...

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Dear Santa, define a good party?

 Let’s say you have a home party. 12 people show up. Sales were low. You didn’t get any bookings.Bad party, right?  Wrong! Why? Because you met 12 people in person and they saw you, your products, heard your pitch, and experienced your service. These 12 people turned into 12 warm leads. And warm leads, if you work them, can be eventually turned into customers, a party hostess, a referral or even a new recruit. -12 new people you can continue your connection with. -12 new people you could email a brief note after your party and ask them if they had a good time, and comment on...

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Turn the Brew to Woohoo!

  When:    The day after an adult toy party. The Place:    In your hostess’s mind The Issue:  She’s wondering: -What the heck her party sales came out to be? – What credits did she actually get? – Did anyone really book a show? …and all the while wishing she could had paid attention to you instead of being the ultimate hostess and taking care of her friends and guests. The Dilemma: She wonders, worries. And when her party orders do come in she is never really sure if she was treated properly or given what she actually earned…and she brews. And...

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