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Is Your Email Address Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

Take this email checkup: -Is your email address hard to remember? -Is it hard to type if someone is trying to copy it from a business card, brochure or catalog?-It is a jumble of letters and numbers that don’t make sense? -Is it something left over from college or high school? ( -Would it make someone think twice about opening it because it looks like a spam?  This morning I went nuts trying to send an email to a romance consultant. My email program does remember email addresses, but it doesn’t remember anything if you don’t start typing...

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Is That You on a Billboard?

I bet you didn’t realize you’re giving a first impression  dozens, perhaps a hundred times a day.  Hello, you’re on a billboard! That’s right. You’re online and that is like being on a billboard. And first impressions can make or break a potential connection, a future customer, at home parties, with hostess or potential recruit. Just because you cannot ‘see’ people online doesn’t mean they cannot see you.    Your impression ONLINE is like a giant billboard that possibly thousands view daily. They will either click on you, ignore you,...

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Fuggetabout It! You Are Assimiliated!

About a million years ago, I was a guest on TV ‘Morning Show with Regis Philbin and Cathy Lee Griffin’. I was so thrilled and excited, it was considered a big deal to be on TV in the first place, never mind on one of the highest rated TV shows! Getting the word out about Fantasia Home Parties was not so easy back then—there was no internet! Imagine: no email, no YouTube, no Facebook, no blogs, no instant CNN news, no instant ANYTHING! If you wanted to get someone’s attention, you either had to pay huge sums of advertising dollars on TV, magazines, or newspapers or pay...

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