Is That You on a Billboard?

I bet you didn’t realize you’re giving a first impression 
dozens, perhaps a hundred times a day. 
Hello, you’re on a billboard!

That’s right. You’re online and that is like being on a billboard. And first impressions can make or break a potential connection, a future customer, at home parties, with hostess or potential recruit. Just because you cannot ‘see’ people online doesn’t mean they cannot see you. 

Your impression ONLINE is like a giant billboard that possibly thousands view daily. They will either click on you, ignore you, or worse—rush to click away. 
What makes up that first impression?
Your profile photo, the words in your bio, the types of posts, the words you use, and your tone.
Choosing not to be online, or sort-of-be on line is not an option anymore.
People don’t trust you if your online presence is not forthcoming: bogus profile photo or one of  just your pet, rarely posting, etc. This can give the message like you’re hiding something, or timid, or fearful, or you just simply don’t care. This ‘non message’…is a message.
Hey look, we’re all in this together, and no one thing is right or wrong. But one thing is for sure: people jump to conclusions. And if you’re in business, you want that to be a GREAT conclusion! It’s important to understand that everything you do online says something about you publicly. 
What can you do right now? 
Take or choose a close up photo, and smile !

Rina Valan
P.S.  I found a blog while looking for a photo that has some more content on first impressions by Steven Mehta, check it out.