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Even People Spring Leaks

Last night around 7PM, one of the pipes in my home sprung a leak. Holy water all over the place!  What did I do?   I Googled “plumbers” in my area. There was a whole list! So I called about a half dozen because it was after hours and no one picked up the phone. So, I wound up leaving messages with all of them. Do you know who fixed my pipe? The first one who called me back. Remember, anyone who contacts you, whether by phone, email, mail or carrier pigeon wants service. Give it to them, first. “Winner!” —Rina...

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The Tipping Call

Know what happens when you call a hostess with delivery information and a call to make sure everything was ok? You tip the scales, and you become worth your weight in gold! Why? Because: 1. Your hostess adds ” trust-worthy” and “gives great service” as adjectives to describe you to others, essentials to keep your home party business going. 2. You opened the door to a continuing conversation, relationship AND an opportunity to ask for: —a referral, someone they know who may be interested in your service, especially the no-shows —outside orders from...

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Are You Guilty of Info-Dumping?

When you call a prospective hostess back or prospective sales rep, are you guilty of giving them so much information you resemble a garbage truck? “Beep, beep”, the back up lights come on and then you just dump ALL this information on them? Whoa! Take a moment and watch this 1 minute video—Odds are, you’ll be doing less talking and be more effective!

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