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3 Ways to Swim Out to Your Ship

Is your home party business stalling? Is your calendar looking a little light?  Hey there! You can’t afford to wait for your ship to come in! Swim out to it! 1. Call 5 of your last party cancellations and give them a good reason why now is a good time to reschedule. Get them to pencil in a new date, now.2. Schedule your own romance party, or open house show,  ladies night or party barbeque for this weekend, or the very first weekend you can manage. 3. Write a personal short story about a product you love, or a new product, and email it to15 of your customers or past hostesses....

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4 Deadly words: Can I help you?

When was the last time you tried to buy wallpaper?Ugh. There are thousands of choices, literally! I headed over to Home Depot the other day. When I walked into the wallpaper department, there were rows and rows and rows. A store clerk said: “Can I help you?” I said, “I need wallpaper, but I don’t have the time now” and I walked back out. Yesterday, I walked into a local paint store to look at wallpaper.A store clerk said: “Are you looking for a pattern or more of a texture? Pastel or deeper tones?” Needless to say, I walked out with wallpaper. Moral...

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The ‘Let Me Think About It’ Prospect

Don’t you really hate it when you ask someone to book a home party and they respond with: “Let me think about it?” That used to drive me crazy, until I realized that just about EVERYONE says that, no matter what business you’re in! The worse thing you can do? Say “Ok, call me.” They won’t. Instead? Response with one of these types of opening statements: —“It’s good I called you today” or —“It’s good you came to the party today” or —“It’s good that I emailed you today” And then...

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