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The Tipping Call

Know what happens when you call a hostess with delivery information and a call to make sure everything was ok? You tip the scales, and you become worth your weight in gold! Why? Because: 1. Your hostess adds ” trust-worthy” and “gives great service” as adjectives to describe you to others, essentials to keep your home party business going. 2. You opened the door to a continuing conversation, relationship AND an opportunity to ask for: —a referral, someone they know who may be interested in your service, especially the no-shows —outside orders from...

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Turn the Brew to Woohoo!

  When:    The day after an adult toy party. The Place:    In your hostess’s mind The Issue:  She’s wondering: -What the heck her party sales came out to be? – What credits did she actually get? – Did anyone really book a show? …and all the while wishing she could had paid attention to you instead of being the ultimate hostess and taking care of her friends and guests. The Dilemma: She wonders, worries. And when her party orders do come in she is never really sure if she was treated properly or given what she actually earned…and she brews. And...

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