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Brain Freeze

I got Brain Freeze walking down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store yesterday. Why? Because nearly a hundred varieties of ice cream called out to me!  I literally froze in my tracks (pun intended!) So what’s the problem? I was incredibly overwhelmed. DOZENS and dozens of varieties and flavors to choose from! And then I got a call on my cell and walked away to continue my conversation. Did I go back and buy ice cream? No. The same thing can happen with your customers at your home parties. They get easily overwhelmed. You ask for a booking and you hear crickets. You assume...

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Summer Attention Deficit Syndrome

It’s Summer. It’s a third email already. It’s your up-teenth post on your Facebook fan page. And ladies and gentlemen… Crickets. Summer is all about distractions. You can’t afford to close up shop and wait til Fall, so here’s some basic tips that can help. 1. Grab their attention immediately.  -Emails: include your promotional offer in your subject line. Make your call to action clear and to the point. -Voice Mail: practice your opening line, make sure it engaging, or make a connection, or give a response/answer directly to a request or inquiry. The rest...

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