Summer Attention Deficit Syndrome

It’s Summer.
It’s a third email already.
It’s your up-teenth post on your Facebook fan page.

And ladies and gentlemen…

Summer is all about distractions.

You can’t afford to close up shop and wait til Fall, so here’s some basic tips that can help.

1. Grab their attention immediately. 
-Emails: include your promotional offer in your subject line. Make your call to action clear and to the point.
-Voice Mail: practice your opening line, make sure it engaging, or make a connection, or give a response/answer directly to a request or inquiry. The rest of your message will follow

2. To Engage is the new way of marketing.  
Stretch and go find new social fan page sites and groups. Become a fan or member, and engage people on a regular basis. Important: do not post commercials or hawk your business right away! Show value, give help, support, a ‘like’. You become interesting when you are interested in others!

3. Be Obsessive with your Hostess Coaching
If there is a time to do even more timely and effective hostess coaching, it is now!
Make ALL the calls you were taught to make:
-The first one? Just a few days after you got the booking and mailed a hostess packet.
-A couple more pep and reminder calls in between.
-And the last one should be  made the day before the party.

ALL these calls are critical, now is not the time for short cuts.
Tip: get your hostess to create an event on Facebook for her party–you will have the opportunity to engage your guests BEFORE and then AFTER the party. And you will have a much less chance of cancellation!

4. Suggest and book midweek parties whenever possible.
Advertise two open dates and post them as “I have available this or that date” online, OR whenever someone says they might be interested in having a party.
-Remember, always SUGGEST a ‘this or that’ date.
-Even better: “Let’s pencil it in.”

Rina Valan