Why Are Sweaty Men Sexy?

Why Are Sweaty Men Sexy?

I’m wearing my wife hat today.

Not so long ago a friend posted the question of ‘what sexy thing can a man do for you’. My answer of ‘laundry’ won the most votes. The truth is manual labor in any form is a huge turn on for me. But I have learned that it’s not the fruits of the labor that get it done, it’s the labor itself.

This weekend my lovely husband started to tackle a very large yard project. The first day he worked this project I was out all day. When I came home, he had made huge progress toward completion. And although I was very pleased with the work accomplished, all I wanted to do to my husband was bathe him. He on the other hand was grunting and revving his engine, high on life and conquering the earth like only a man can.

So, the second day I quietly watched from the window while he worked. I wanted to appreciate more of what he was doing, and I was curious to see him in this natural element. At first it was just a peek, then a long glance, before I knew it I was staring. There is something so primal about watching a man work. Seeing his muscles ripple that little bit as he’s moving, watching him use his strength for something practical. Watching this physical feat that I knew I could never have enough strength to accomplish. See him sweat and work hard, and then get that little prideful smile from him… holy cow is it getting hot in here?

So I have come to the conclusion that yard work is a complete aphrodisiac, and possibly some of the best foreplay I’ve had in years. I think we get so wrapped up in accomplishment and making it to the finish line that we forget to enjoy the ride. If we quiet our minds a little bit we can allow our instincts to take over. So encourage your man when he does something manly. Let him know in that way that only a woman can, that you enjoy being reminded of his manhood in a raw primal sense.

So indulge in your sweaty man and get a little sweaty yourself.