Training and Support

hostparty Personalized, Unlimited and Free

As soon as you sign up we pair you with a Mentor who will provide personalized training and support. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

At Fantasia we know each person is different, and that goes for their learning styles as well. Perhaps you want to take every selladulttoysatpartiestraining class, webinar, conference call and guide right away. Maybe you want to get your kit and test the waters first on your own. Fantasia is here for you when you need us. Trainings are always available as long as you are an active Consultant, so whether you need a refresher course on toys or an all-out marketing training, we’re here for you!

Our Training and Support

  • sellsextoysathomepartiesAccess to a mentor and personalized training and personal support.
  • Watch our recorded videos on your own schedule 24/7 in private social media groups and youtube channels
  • Participate in weekly conference and training calls (and other live sharing events)
  • Policies and procedures to follow
  • Regional and national training events
  • Step by step instruction guides 
  • 24/7 Support and networking with other Consultants and Manager via our private group on Facebook