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How to buy a winning lottery ticket

The Scene: a restaurant, a bar, on the line at a grocery store, at the office, or a family gathering. A person comes up to you and says:“I have a winning lottery ticket here, it’s only $1. Do you want to buy it?” Of course you would! Well, guess what? You can always get a winning lottery ticket for a dollar.  How?  Your  product catalog, on hand, is your dollar! So, here’s the real question for you:Are you always prepared to buy your winning lottery tickets?At any given moment, place or time?Opportunities to pick up a new party lead or customer happen...

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I Won the Lottery, Oops! I Forgot to Buy the Ticket

Today is Saturday, and if you’ve been working all week at a ‘normal’ job, work from home, or a stay-at-home mom, I bet you’re ready for a little R & R! After all, it IS the weekend!  Maybe you’re going out to the movies, do some retail therapy (aka shopping) or have a cocktail at your local favorite club or restaurant. I don’t blame you, because in fact, I am ready for some of that R & R myself. Question: if you happened to chat with the cashier, clerk people waiting in line, the bartender, or waitress in your R&R mode, and they said to...

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