I Won the Lottery, Oops! I Forgot to Buy the Ticket

Today is Saturday, and if you’ve been working all week at a ‘normal’ job, work from home, or a stay-at-home mom, I bet you’re ready for a little R & R! After all, it IS the weekend!  Maybe you’re going out to the movies, do some retail therapy (aka shopping) or have a cocktail at your local favorite club or restaurant. I don’t blame you, because in fact, I am ready for some of that R & R myself.

Question: if you happened to chat with the cashier, clerk people waiting in line, the bartender, or waitress in your R&R mode, and they said to you:
“I have a winning lottery ticket here, it’s only $1. Do you want to buy it?”
Would you say:
“Oh, no thanks. I’m on R & R right now. I’m not prepared to win any money.”

You never know when your next winning lottery ticket worth $50, $100,  or $1000 will show up. Opportunities to pick up a new lead and/or new business can happen at any moment—the universe does not package these very nicely into one area or time segment for us. Are you prepared to ‘purchase’ your winning lottery tickets that pop up in our daily lives?  Do you always have at close reach your business catalogs, datebook, a giveaway, business card, goodie bag, some thing?

You can have your R&R, winning lottery tickets and eat it too.
Take 30 minutes right now and make yourself ready to buy a ticket TODAY!