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Competitors: Eat My Dust!

Probably the last thing you want to do today is business related, right? You’d laugh if you saw me here at the moment, half dressed in my robe, typing, fresh from a shower and slugging down a quart of coffee in anticipation of 26 coming over for the big feast. As for you, I bet you’re either trying to defrost the turkey, clean for company, baking or buying something to bring to the in-laws, or packing for the road trip back home. But think of this: while your competitors are busy chomping on turkey and shopping on Black Friday, you could be ahead of the game with about 30 minutes...

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The Power of a Thank You Note and 44 cents

This morning, I decided to clear up the clutter of my bulletin board and realized there were a couple dozen hand written thank you notes I just couldn’t bear to take down. These were from vendors in our industry, CAHPA members, employees, and Fantasia Home Parties Sales Reps. No—these little treasures were never going to be moved from my line of sight! You know, every time I re-read them, something that costs 10 minutes and a stamp re-lives the fondness, warmth and good feelings. Plus, it remains in my line of sight for years! It kind of makes you wonder about the time and...

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