The Power of a Thank You Note and 44 cents

This morning, I decided to clear up the clutter of my bulletin board and realized there were a couple dozen hand written thank you notes I just couldn’t bear to take down. These were from vendors in our industry, CAHPA members, employees, and Fantasia Home Parties Sales Reps. No—these little treasures were never going to be moved from my line of sight!

You know, every time I re-read them, something that costs 10 minutes and a stamp re-lives the fondness, warmth and good feelings. Plus, it remains in my line of sight for years! It kind of makes you wonder about the time and money we all spend on samples, samplers, catalogs, advertising giveaways and gimmicks. Yet, here in our new and instant electronic age, a hand-written snail mailed thank you note with a stamp is an unexpected surprise and is always well-received.

A thank you note is also a great sales tool during the prospecting stage. Many either forget this simple marketing tactic or get writers cramp when trying to get it done. It’s also a great tool for any home party postponement or cancellation: “Thank you for booking with me, you sound wonderful and appreciate your time. Can’t wait til we meet in person when we set a better date.”  Ten minutes of your time and a 44 cent stamp would certainly be worth the experiment.

Handwritten thank you notes to your hostesses after a party works wonders for referalls and her future re-booking. She gets good feelings when she receives it. Your name and company will be more ingrained in her memory. Even better—end with” P.S. I would love to do a party for any of your friends like you! Please let them know about me!

If you want to stand out above the competition, want your bookings to stick, want referrals, want your cancellations to re-book, then think about sending a hand written thank you note.

Need some help composing a note? Here’s a site with some samples and resources:

P.S. Suzanne, thank you!


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  1. This is so true and a great way to be more than just a salesperson. What a great suggestion.