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Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Have you ever taken on a mission for your business? A mission can be an exciting adventure with an outcome that can change your whole business climate and bottom line. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to be committed to the belief that you will do whatever it takes to complete the mission. Here’s a good one: take a look at your next 4 weekends. Do you have any home parties booked? Are the bookings a little sparse or your calendar bare? It doesn’t have to be that way! Make it a mission, and in your head and heart get down to do whatever you have to to and...

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Magic Booking Techniques

Let’s start with buying a pair of jeans. Have you done that lately? It’s insane!  There’s mid rise, low rise, boot cut, straight leg, short, tall, full hips, no hips, stretch. It so overwhelming it makes me walk out the store! People like choices, but frankly, but all they want is someone to come up to them and say “You want the low rise with a boot cuff or straight leg?” Give them ‘this or that.’ The same question and technique applies when you try to book a party. You want to turn your customer’s thought from-“Do I want to have a...

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5 Essential Tips That Will Build You a Downline

Want to recruit someone into your home parties business? It’s a great way to increase your income when you build a down line! Building a down line doesn’t happen overnight, but is well worth your effort. It’s an investment in your business future- both in overrides and in more people being attracted to your business in general. 5 Essential Tips: 1.  Talk about what you do to everyone, but don’t try to recruit everyone.There is a difference. But do not overlook anyone either. You want to look for people who are outgoing, ambitious, fun-loving.  Give everyone you ...

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