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Recession Proof Your Bed

Touch me!Hold me!Wait a minute!I’m think I’m dreaming! Something strange happened last night. I got a set of velour bed sheets as a Christmas present from my sister-in-law. They’ve been sitting unopened, for the past month while I contemplated “Are these going to turn my bed into a sauna?”Maybe I should  re-gift them. But the night was chilly and along with the news, politics, and the economy, the chill went to the core. Out of the package and onto my bed they went. So, getting back to strange. Well, I slipped myself between them and after a few moments, I...

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Your Body Believes Every Word You Say

Do you utter words of a bright future that one of prosperity?And, then feel the joy of the crisp autumn air with every breath you take? Or, do you say things with worry, or fear?And then feeling anxious, and your muscles ache? Do you criticize every little imperfection in your outer body?Do you feel unattractive, dowdy, un-sexy, maybe even unloved? Or does your exuberant smile and light hearted words embrace others and reveal your true self?Do you feel the energy and acceptance returned ten fold? Your Body Believes Every Word You Say…choose them very, very...

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