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It That Lust in the Air?

Pure Concentrate Add to Your Favorite Perfume Or maybe it’s pheromones! Pheromones are defined as hormonal secretions that stimulate a physiological or behavioral response. Not long ago, science isolated and then recreated human sex pheromones. Perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac does truly exists! There are now quite a few scientific studies indicating their effectiveness in attraction. And it’s not just about sex.  Did you know that pheromones may:     •”Break the ice” with significantly more potential partners    •Rejuvenate some of the...

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The Scent of This Woman

The Place: Playa del Carmen, Mexico When: Last summer, the sun just starting to set, and it was still 90 degrees. Now The Story:I was taking a stroll, shopping for souvenirs in the most fascinating downtown area I have ever been in. There were hundreds of vendors and little interesting shops, a tourist’s paradise really! But, I was starting to perspire heavily and was looking for a reprieve—alas! Practically every shop had no air conditioning, at best a floor fan to keep the air circulating. I was able to find a single safe haven, “La Perfumeria”, and that’s where my rather Roman...

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