It That Lust in the Air?

Pure Concentrate Add to Your Favorite Perfume

Or maybe it’s pheromones!
Pheromones are defined as hormonal secretions that stimulate a physiological or behavioral response. Not long ago, science isolated and then recreated human sex pheromones. Perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac does truly exists!
There are now quite a few scientific studies indicating their effectiveness in attraction. And it’s not just about sex. 
Did you know that pheromones may: 
   •”Break the ice” with significantly more potential partners
   •Rejuvenate some of the passion that may be lost in a long-term relationship
   •Lead to more intense and somewhat animalistic sex
   •Have an impact in general on your like-ability
   •Even help make you ‘feel’ better about yourself!
So, do human pheromones work on everyone? No, but they will probably work to a varying degree on almost everyone. Pheromone responses vary depending upon the sensitivity of the receiver’s vomeronasal organ (or VNO). For you brainiacs, humans detect the odorless sex pheromone with the VNO, also called the sixth sense as per Fortune magazine’s Technology column. Located deep in the nasal passage, its only purpose is to detect odorless sex pheromones. Evolution, in it’s grand plan, created this organ to instantly transmit the presence of this hormone to the areas of the brain the regulate sexual drive. Now, I really do believe great chemistry does involve smell in addition to the visual, mental, physical and emotional connection between people. And though you can’t really ‘smell’ pheromones, our nose does pick them up, and when we like what our brain is smelling, our body and mind does follow.
So, why pheromone enhancement? Don’t we have enough? Here’s the Catch-22: 
   -Our modern day grooming, daily bathing and personal attention to hygiene to attract your sexual partner may actually dampen the ‘chemistry’ and raw attraction between you! Way back in the old days, people didn’t wash off most of their pheromones like we do today.

So, there’s good news…I do believe the added application of pheromones can help enhance or replace natures’ natural sex appeal. And many manufacturers of body spa and lotions now add them to their formulations. Miss Sensuale Inc adds them to all of our newest products,  included “Pure Attraction” Pheromone Concentrate by Madame X®, which allows you to pheromone-enhance any of your favorite lotion, body cream, perfume or cologne. Just a few powerful drops will do it! 
Try it…I dare you ; )
   Miss Sensuale®