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Is that Lust in the Air?

Or maybe it just pheromones, or what some refer to as ‘chemistry’. Pheromones are defined as hormonal secretions that stimulate a physiological or behavioral response from individuals of the same species. Not long ago, science isolated a human sex pheromone; this is pretty exciting news, as once isolated and recreated, perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac truly exists. You know, way back in the old days, people didn’t wash off most of their pheromones like we do today. Our modern day customs of daily showering, daily bathing, washes away all those lovely pheromones! So, here’s...

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The Scent of This Woman

The Place: Playa del Carmen, Mexico When: Last night, the sun just starting to set, and it was still 90 degrees. Now The Story:I was taking a stroll, shopping for souvenirs in a most eclectic downtown area I have ever been in. There were hundreds of vendors and little interesting shops, a tourist’s paradise really! But, I was starting to perspire heavily and was looking for a reprieve—alas! Practically every shop had no air conditioning, at best a floor fan to keep the air circulating. I was able to find a single safe haven, “La Perfumeria”, and that’s where my rather Roman nose...

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