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National Clean Out Your Nightstand Month!

When:  the heat of the moment, with your loverThe Place:   your bedroomThe Dilemma:   rummaging through your night stand drawer, searching for that something and what? Now you’re frantic, because all you pull out is a sticky lube bottle, a non-working toy with a piece of gum stuck to it, or that massage oil you bought 10 years ago that just doesn’t smell quite right. So, when was the last time you cleaned out your goodies drawer?I bet you’re just like me with half used foil samplers (stuck to everything of course), half empty lube tubes, chocolate body something or...

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The Lube Test: True or False?

True or False: Lubricants are for young people only.Answer: False!   And wow, a BIG False at that! All women are known to experience dryness at some point, especially as we mature. Our womanly hormones affect the body, both leading to and into menopause. Lubricants can replace the vaginal wetness and it’s normal for most of us to feel dry in later years—don’t obsess! Keep the lube on the nightstand. True or False: Lubricants prevent STD’sAnswer: False.   However, while it may not prevent STD’s, use of a lube will decrease the risk of creating tiny cuts...

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