National Clean Out Your Nightstand Month!

When:  the heat of the moment, with your lover
The Place:   your bedroom
The Dilemma:   rummaging through your night stand drawer, searching for that something and what?

Now you’re frantic, because all you pull out is a sticky lube bottle, a non-working toy with a piece of gum stuck to it, or that massage oil you bought 10 years ago that just doesn’t smell quite right.

So, when was the last time you cleaned out your goodies drawer?
I bet you’re just like me with half used foil samplers (stuck to everything of course), half empty lube tubes, chocolate body something or other, vibrator parts and pieces and a whole lot of dead batteries.
Not fun when you’re trying to be cool and not ruin ‘the moment!’

Important: did you know there is a shelf life to most lubes and toys?
You’ve heard that cosmetics, once opened and exposed to the air should be thrown away a few months later.  That’s because exposure to air and contamination with anything can lead to bacterial growth etc.
Well…it’s the same thing with lubes and other sexy potions, oils and creams!

The same also goes true for toys and vibrators that are made of porous materials-they have a shelf life too! They should be washed with antibacterial soap and water, or a toy cleaner after each use and that will usually get you a couple years of fun use. BUT…they can just pick up dust, dirt, cracker crumbs, oils or anything else that’s been floating around in and or around them. They can seep into the surface and like to hang there–it becomes the perfect brewing ground for bacteria. I can assure you that is something you definitely don’t want  to play with.
And besides, getting a new toy every now and then is more fun anyhow!

So when was the last time you cleaned out your nightstand? We’re making October “National Clean Out Your Night Stand Month”’s the perfect time of the year to get yourself ready for the upcoming winter and some real good cuddling and loving. Make sure you go through your nightstand and freshen your love supplies up!


P.S. In case you get motivated and clean out your night stand, I really do recommend “Nearly Me Personal Lubricant for Women“, by Madame X—it is the only one I use and carry in my sex toy party line. It contains only 3 ingredients, all completely natural, like the real thing. It is the best!!!!