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The New Wave of Home Party Marketing: Connection

  Connection:   the shared emotional feeling of attachment to someone, because of a subject, thing, event, place, smell, sound, thought, experience… If you can truly ‘connect’ with your prospects, they will turn into and become your customers forever. All human beings are naturally drawn to a familiar, especially in unfamiliar situations. The biggest key to have someone COMPELLED to do business with you, is a feeling of connection. Key: start every conversation, every voice mail, and especially emails with a sentence or phrase to seek or validate something that connects...

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The Difference Between your Action List vs To-Do-List

Feel like you’re at a stand-still with your business?Ever wish things would just move a little faster? If you are conscientious direct selling consultant, I bet you got one heck of a to-do-list.That is terrific, but I have to ask: do you have an action list? There’s a big difference between a to-do list and an action list.  The items you put on your to-do list are usually broader. The items on that list may be on that list for some time. That alone may create a feeling of being overwhelmed, or just creates inertia because you need huge blocks of time. Here are some items on a...

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