The Difference Between your Action List vs To-Do-List

Feel like you’re at a stand-still with your business?
Ever wish things would just move a little faster?

If you are conscientious direct selling consultant, I bet you got one heck of a to-do-list.
That is terrific, but I have to ask: do you have an action list?

There’s a big difference between a to-do list and an action list. 
The items you put on your to-do list are usually broader. 
The items on that list may be on that list for some time. That alone may create a feeling of being overwhelmed, or just creates inertia because you need huge blocks of time.

Here are some items on a typical home party consultant’s to-do list:
–Get a party booked
–Clean up my demo kit
–Read my sales manual
–Call my hostesses

Creating an action list is all about taking very specific actions. They are usually the fractional steps of something on your to-do list. They are more immediate. They get the flow going. They get you and your business into a positive flow of action.

Here are some items on a typical home party consultant’s action list:
–Put together 10 goodie bags (for walking and talking, to have on hand)
–Post my new special on my Facebook fan page at 8PM tonight
–Call Mary for her address and mail her hostess pack 

The difference between the to-do vs the action list is very subtle.
But so is the difference between putting a key in the ignition and then forgetting to turn it.

Rina Valan