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Is it Real Work or Busy Work?

I once had a secretary who loved to rewrite her notes, then type them, put a frilly border around them, assemble them into a colored folder, and then would do it all over again on different color paper.  She did not last very long.There’s a difference between making busy work and doing real work.  Making busy work can be an excuse not to do what you should really be doing. Real work is something you do that has thought, purpose, an action that creates an action, response. In our home party business, busy work may feel like it’s less stressful, more fun. If you are constantly...

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The ‘Let Me Think About It’ Prospect

Don’t you really hate it when you ask someone to book a home party and they respond with: “Let me think about it?” That used to drive me crazy, until I realized that just about EVERYONE says that, no matter what business you’re in! The worse thing you can do? Say “Ok, call me.” They won’t. Instead? Response with one of these types of opening statements: —“It’s good I called you today” or —“It’s good you came to the party today” or —“It’s good that I emailed you today” And then...

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