You Got To Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit

This past Saturday night, I spent the evening in, dancing in the dark to my cheesiest disco music…It was Raining Men, I Felt like a Brick House, thought about a White Wedding Day, while even Cher made me Believe. I fantasied being a private dancer and wiggled every part known to mankind. There was something about the deep base, rhythmic beat that make my hips feel out of control, my blood race…and guess what??? I was getting more and more excited! Yeeehaaa! No foreplay or marital aids were required!

A few years ago, I read somewhere that the music that puts women ‘in the mood’ is not romantic croony love songs that smoke-jacket playboys are often associated with. Oh, no, not at all! Guess what does it?…..African drumming is number one on the list. Deep, deep, rhythmic, incessant…preferable from low pitch, to beating in a high frenzy. On this side of the world, you find it in techno, disco, boppy hip hop, dance rock, Fergilicious—-you get it. Physically, it gets the blood whooshing, and all that whooshing gets the pelvic area engorged.

Hmmm….so much for Lionel Ritchie ; (

Madame X

This is the place where you can get all the ‘props’ (aka sex toys, to help you continue to be excited ; )

Rina Valan, Basic Author