You Davey, Them Goliath

Ever feel like it’s you against the world?

Well, the world every now and then roots for the underdog. Besides the obvious in competitive sports and business models, you’ll find the underdog rooted deeply inside your psyche. Yes, look deeper, it’s time to allow him to appear.

He’s there when you get up in the morning when you try to tame your hair and instead you think “Why can’t it be like Shakira!” Or if you have none, “Why can’t it be like Johnny Depp?”

He’s there when you walk into a room full of the beautiful people and your double digit dress size is painfully evident.
He’s there when you pull up to the valet and the attendants rush to tend to the babe in the Porche first.
He’s there when you work and work to get ahead, and the cha-cha of the day’s economy take you two steps back instead.
But most of all, he’s there when you take a chance and look a Goliath in the eye…and he blinks.
The underdog is about all heart, passion, wit, self effacing humor, love of others, courage, faith, greater faith, hope, determination, tenacity, and mental acuity.
But most of all, the underdog is all about taking AIM…and then taking action.

Find your inner underdog, and use it wisely.