Wrap it, Book It

 Need a couple of extra bookings this month?

There’s something about mystery and the power of a wrapped gift box, especially when it’s practically for free. They work great in helping you book a couple extra parties at your demonstrations, because everyone wants to peek and it is the little extra something that pushes them over the edge to say “yes.”

Save them for the end, and then let everyone know what is possibly in there (give them at least 4 or 5 possibilities.) If they book a future party with you, they get to open one and you will bring that item with you the night of their show.

A couple of extra bookings can break a slow streak and get you humming again! This idea works!

Tip: check out your local dollar store for little gift card boxes—they’re already wrapped and very inexpensive. Just slip a piece of paper inside that denotes the “gift”.

Suggestions for “gifts”: a discontinued product, a product sample in good shape, something you got as a prize or special, a new item, or as simple as “1/2 price on any item.”