Why You Need Sizzle!

“Sell the sizzle not the steak!” Just how many times have you heard that?
And what the heck does that mean anyhow?

Here’s a good example of selling the product Luxuria Rash Free Shave Cream as a steak: “This product has all natural ingredients, smells good, comes with a pump, will never leave a razor burn”

Here’s how you would sell the sizzle first:              “Imagine jumping out of the shower after shaving yourself with Luxuria,  having your body feel and smell like you’re rolling in one giant cotton ball! Your skin will feel sooo soft, no bumps, no burn, no nothing!”

“Why do I want this product?” is the question you should think of before selling/showing any product at your party. When I go out and do a party, I look at the product and inside my head I say to myself, “How or when would I use this and why?” Remember, listing the features before the sizzle just tunes people out! Tell them why they want to use the product and then they will intently listen to the rest to validate their “yes”.