Why Should I Buy From You

Wrong answer: “We’re the best” or “I have the best.” 

That doesn’t work anymore.

The answer people want: 

—You give me a hands-on experience. It’s better because I can taste, touch or smell.

—You give me product knowledge not easily obtained.

—You give me ideas, tips, suggestions on use and how to make “whatever” better.

—You give me buying convenience (I save time and the hassle)

—You give me customer service with a “face”, there to answer questions and how-to’s.

—You are fun (And yes, providing fun is a HUGE value!)

Any and/or all of these reasons give value to YOU and the reason to ask for their business.

TIP: give thought to the reasons why people want to buy from you and carefully construct pre-thought phrases and sentences.They need to flow easily off your tongue or your keyboard!

Be creative in how you relay those values, and then spread the word!

Rina Valan