When Was the Last Time you Used a Pencil?

Don’t you hate it when a customer says:
“You know, I’m interested in having a party, but I have to think about a date” or  “I don’t know, I should talk to my friends first.”

Hopefully, you responded with:
“Well, that’s a good idea, let’s pencil in a date right now and we’ll take it from there. If that doesn’t work for you, we can always change it up.”

When you use the phrase “pencil in”, you are giving them the signal that you are flexible and easy to work with. You are saving their time and your time by having a starting point. More importantly, you have gotten past a delay objection and now have a committment.

So, you got any “loose” party leads waiting for a date?
Call them…and pull that pencil out of your pocket.

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