What’s Your Greatest Asset?

I had to take the dust cloth off my telephone recruiting phone skills last week. We were so overwhelmed with new home party prospects, I jumped in to help our corporate recruiters make follow up calls.

Wow! I forgot how much I really get excited when it comes to talking with people and hearing about what’s going on in their life, and what they need! In fact, I had to consciously stop and slow down my speech, and several times I was near hyperventilation.

I listened to trials and tribulations, to objections, to comparisons, to family issues, to health problems, to lack of income problems…and I couldn’t wait to hear more. I was really connecting with what most are going through and I passionately felt we could help.

Think I was a little enthusiastic? Uh huh.
Was I genuine? Yes. I couldn’t have made up a word of it if I tried.

Did I sound urgent? You bet. If they’re looking and needing, then why waste another moment?

I bet you know all the details of your products and your program down pat.
And, people do know that you are trying to make a sale or a pitch. That’s why they indicated interest in the first place.

But—I really believe that people need to sense you know that you are really listening to them and understand their need. PLUS, they need to feel you are sincere, as this is the first step to trust.

Enthusiasm that is sincere creates excitement.
Excitement creates urgency.

Your greatest asset is not so much what you know, but how much you believe in what you can do for others. And THAT is what in the end has them say “YES!” to YOU!