What Light Bulb are you Using?

OLD BULB:   sitting at your computer once a day to check your mail

NEW BULB:   you literally run your home party business from your Blackberry, Droid, iPhone or smart phone that is essentially portable computer in your hand.

Our brain and image memory has been so ingrained, it’s  hard to imagine that something else can take it’s place. But it has! We are smack dab in the middle of an evolution!

And whether we like it or not, to be successful in our business we have to be:
   1. more efficient
   2. easily accessible
   3. and immediate!

How you embrace the evolution will be the key to whether you make it or not in your home party business. Embrace it with a slow, with a ‘you’ll get there attitude?’
Well, you might get there, someday.
Then again, you might not.

Got the old bulb cell phone? 
Run don’t walk.
It’s  not the economy.
And they call it a smart phone for a really really good reason.

—Rina Valan