What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

Fantasia Home Parties ran an help-wanted ad on Craig’s list last week for part-time help in our shipping department.

Our shipping manager forwarded a prospect she really liked and asked my opinion.

I took a look at their resume and was about to say ‘Yes, they sound great!”
Then, I noticed their email address:

Sorry, but that’s a killer for me.

As a Sales Professional, what does your email address say about you?


  1. This is so true it’s scary! It’s amazing an assumption about what kind of person you are can start from something as simple as an e-mail address!

  2. Well my email is chikazparty2night@ymail.com
    Well chikaz(Chic)and the rest you understand. I love to party! My friends tell me that I come up with good emails like I also have mydreamrtrue and got2gomom …I’m a dreamer a very busy Mom and of course love to party!