We Need More Warp Speed, Scotty!

Ever get a morning where you feel just as listless as the dreary weather outside? There’s nothing like a cold, gray day to ‘justify’ piddling around and getting nothing really started or action in your business.

Yesterday was such a day, and I have to tell you,  I was tempted! Do you know what ‘saved’ me?
It was nothing exotic really.

And no, it wasn’t the quick pick-me-up motivational video, or some intelligent quote. It wasn’t my fourth cup of coffee, or a nice deposit in the checking account either.

No, no. It is quite lame actually.

What saved my day?
A blank piece page on my computer word program.
I just sta
And every night, before I leave my office, I type in it and list any action I need to take the next day. And every morning, before I dive into the business day, I take a look at that action list.
Important: make sure what you write is an action, not a goal. For instance, my list last night’s list included: write Fri blog, set agenda for CAHPA meeting,  look at new toy samples. They were not goals like: hire new recruits, book more home parties, increase sales, etc.

Try it for a week. Build it into your daily routine.  Do it, and I’ll bet you will have done more in the one week than you have for the past 6 months.

Action, any action you take, is motivating! Start writing…