Want to Recruit? 5 Basic Tips

Want to recruit someone into your home parties business? 
It’s a great way to increase your income in your direct sales home party business.

Building a down line doesn’t happen overnight, but is well worth your effort. It’s an investment in your business future- both in overrides and in more people being attracted to your business in general.

5 Essential Tips:

1.  Talk about what you do to everyone, but don’t try to recruit everyone.
There is a difference. But do not overlook anyone either. You want to look for people who are outgoing, ambitious, fun-loving.  Give everyone you can the opportunity to decide for themselves.

2.  Listen for a need, their needs
It’s not about “what’s in it for me” when it comes to recruiting. That is the hard way. If you listen to people and hear what their needs are, and if your opportunity can help them, then you have a great chance of recruiting them. Listen, then establish rapport by relating honestly to their situation and particular need. Bottom line: help others, and you get helped in return.

3.  Do not overlook or prejudge people.
Different people possess different qualities and talents. Look for qualities like: liking people, love of your products or service. Most can develop the other business qualities they need to succeed, if they are willing to learn.

4.  Approach, don’t wait for someone to approach you
Don’t think of recruiting only at parties, potential recruits are everywhere you go. Just listen to people in everyday conversations, like standing in lines at the store or bank,  maybe making a comment how high everything is and how glad you are doing parties because it’s really helping out with the bills! Listen to their needs, and then tell them how your company can fill them.  Be real, let them know that they can do exactly what you do, and you will help them along the way.

And most importantly…

5.  Don’t chase, attract!
If you are upbeat, enthusiastic, and excited, you will attract people as potential customers and potential recruits! This is just as important ONLINE and offline. People are attracted to people with winning attitudes and energy–so show it! Get re-excited about your products, your service, about the fun you provide others! It’s all about what you project!

Rina Valan