Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Ever really think what your Hostess does 
after she books a home party with you?
You ready?
Assemble a list of friends, will call, email, texts, chat, with each while trying to fit it into the thousands of other things to do on her list, works at home, or job, probably kids, or partners who acts like a kid, hard to keep up with cleaning, has to clean now, clean out the fridge, remove clutter, think about what goodies to serve, maybe cook special, go shopping, come home early, clean more, get rid of the kids and/or her partner, start cooking assembling, last minute call to remind her friends, field phone calls from those lost on the way…wait! She just realizes she hasn’t heard from YOU today! Ahhhhh!
Know what your party hostess really does?
She takes a leap of faith in that you will support her along the way, call and email appropriately so to calm her anxieties, then actually show up, be upbeat, professional, fun, the star she believes you to be to her friends!
Walk a mile in your Hostess’s shoes. 
You can’t lose 🙂
Rina Valan