Voice Mail Tips To Make Sure No One Ever Calls You Back

Nothing irritates me more than getting a message on my answering machine that is doesn’t tell me anything, like:  “It’s so-and-so, call me”

All business professionals  can relate to this and no one wants to waste their time chasing down someone else when you’re not even sure what’s it about.
Even worse? Guilt ridden voice messages, or ‘scolding.’
Do any of these sound familiar:
—You never call me!
—How come you didn’t call me today?
—I left you 2 messages already, I’ve been waiting!

These all push the wrong buttons.
Getting a message like that from a person trying to do business with you  has got to be the ultimate toxic message. Why in the world would anyone want to call a business professional back if they make you feel bad for not returning their call? And this is supposed to make you want to do business with them??? I don’t think so…

Think carefully about the tone and content before you leave messages on your customers’ voice mail. (especially important for your hostesses, new leads and/or prospects)  The first sentence should be up and say something interesting, something to pique their curiosity and make them put you top on their call-back list. By not making them feel guilty or referring to it at any time, you gain valuable points.

Tip: to avoid incessant phone tag issues, suggest a ‘phone appointment’ and leave the time and date.